Los Angeles, CA – Managing Partner John M. Pierce wanted to innovate. As he was laying the groundwork for his eventual partnership with fellow attorney David Sergenian, Mr. Pierce was looking to change the way law firms presented themselves on the web. “I didn’t want to look like everyone else. With young attorneys at the firm who grew up in the digital age, and my years of experience working as a litigator for the most innovative, cutting-edge companies, it was imperative to bring a new look and feel to litigation and its presence online.”

Long-established and enormously successful law firms seem to have neglected the opportunities available in the age of digital. Consulting with Los Angeles digital marketing agency, Wicked Bionic, Mr. Pierce relayed his vision for his new firm. Not known for his shyness, Mr. Pierce wanted to portray those qualities that make him one of the top litigators in the country.

Wicked Bionic owners Carlos Sapene (formerly head of digital marketing at NBCUniversal) and partner (former television production executive) Dana C. Arnett met numerous times with Mr. Pierce to discover and interpret his vision for piercesergenian.com. Mr. Sapene smiles when he says, “John was very, very clear that his company website was going to be something that had not been done before – this was to have a modern look, creative and intelligent and, like John himself, there wasn’t to be anything ambiguous about it’s presentation”. The agency’s Creative Director, Kathy Fazio, interpreted Mr. Pierce’s vision by creating a color scheme of blue and gold with powerful imagery. Paratroopers coming in for a landing; two large, intense bulls locking horns in the mud; a macro black and white chessboard – these are the first images one sees when arriving at piercesergenian.com.

Capturing and conveying attorney personalities on law firm websites is not a traditional approach. At piercesergenian.com, in addition to education and areas of expertise, both attorney’s and associates have their own bio page with stylized photography and a personal quote. “The point was to inject an immediate sense of familiarity and connection with each of our attorneys. In this day and age, clients are looking to hire real, three-dimensional attorneys and not just a law firm. Wicked Bionic did an excellent job of capturing this reality,” says Mr. Pierce. Mr. Sapene adds, “In addition to designing an attractive site, we wanted the functionality to be user-friendly with clean navigation that leads the user to discover all the components of the firm”.

Wicked Bionic works with clients developing websites, marketing strategies and social media campaigns in a wide variety of professions. “Many of our clients know they want a website or a rebrand and we are entrusted with creating that vision for them and presenting it. John, on the other hand, was involved every step of the way and our job was to design, style and implement his vision. Obviously as a top litigator he has a way with words so we got to experience his talent first hand as he wrote the majority of the text on the site. We enjoyed every moment of collaboration with John,” says Ms. Arnett, who managed the project.

Mr. Pierce is equally complimentary when he says, “My experience working with the Wicked Bionic team was truly top-notch. They are extremely talented and delivered much more than we ever hoped for. I attribute much of my firm’s success to their sophisticated website design.”

Pierce Sergenian LLP and their website launched January 3, 2017. As the firm continues to grow, the website will grow along with it. Mr. Sapene has a solid marketing vision; “We will be constantly evolving piercesergenian.com, using social media, marketing strategies, Latest News sections and announcements as tools to keep the firm on the cutting edge of digital innovation”.

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