Dana had a long career in television and entertainment public relations that culminated in working as a VP in charge of Post Production at a Top 5 Reality television company for over a decade.

By providing oversight and guidance to hundreds of Post Production teams, over 400 series and pilots on multiple platforms were delivered to broadcast television and cable networks. Building a digital agency and running operations for Wicked Bionic uses her talents for team building, project management, business strategy and budget development. Wicked Bionic has built an exemplary team of professionals that pride themselves on performance and quality. With a focus on becoming an extension of a brands team, they help businesses drive strategy that provides solutions, metrics that drive growth and quality that best represents the brand. All of this while delivering on-time and on-budget.

Along with partner Carlos Sapene, in 2016 they wrote and released “Influence Over Coffee – How to Gain It or Use It in Social Media,” a conversational book discussing the history of influencers and their impact in the age of digital.

What are you passionate about?

At this point in my life and career, the thing that I am most passionate about is helping people succeed. Using my knowledge and experience to support someone in achieving their goals – that’s what gets me up every morning.

Whatone piece of advice would you give to an early stage startup regarding your area of expertise?

Always remember why you started this and what it is that you believe in. As you build and start marketing your business, that authenticity is what will drive an audience to you. Built on a solid foundation, with a solid marketing plan, you can confidently aim in the direction most beneficial to your growth.

What do you like best about mentoring at the Preccelerator?

Every time my partner Carlos and I leave a Preccelerator workday, we talk about how much creativity and talent there is out in the world and how encouraging it is to see the passion in these entrepreneurs. It’s very rewarding being part of the mentoring support team and sharing our experience. It’s important for us to be good listeners so we can hear where they might be getting off track and help them get clarity and pointed in the right direction. Seeing their progress the next time we meet is always inspiring.

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