In 2015 I went to see a psychic. My mother had gone to Jamie a number of times years ago and this woman became sort of a ‘life psychic’ to her – few were saying ‘life coach’ back then but I guess that’s what their relationship was like. My mom was very earth-based but she was also a seeker that wanted to understand and untangle her life and was open to anything. We are the same.

After a big chunk of grief subsided as a result of my mom’s death in 2010 I went through a period of just wanting to be near anyone that had known her. I know this is very common – looking for a way to connect with a loved one and fill a gap. It’s comforting. So I sought out Jamie and booked a time to see her – simply because she knew my mom and they had a special relationship.

You’re going to write a book….

I went to the appointment on a Saturday afternoon and sat down on her sofa. The first thing Jamie said was “You’re going to write a book”. Well you know what my mind did? Snapped shut like a steel door. I replied that I wasn’t a writer and didn’t have a book in my head. She said she had been writing a book for years. I thought, “So that’s it – it’s her book writing she’s projecting onto me”. I like writing but I have had absolutely zero interest nor have I ever dreamed of writing a book. I wasn’t going to be rude and tell Jamie this so I just nodded and let it go, figuring her psychic skills were just off that day. We went on to have a really lovely conversation about my mom and, though she rightly never revealed the content of their sessions (and I would never ask), it made me feel close to my mom in the way that I needed. That’s all I was looking for – a connection. I left feeling good – along with a piece of paper that Jamie had jotted notes on – the first note being that I was going to write a book. Super annoying. Crossed that off.

I never picked up that piece of paper again and couldn’t find it now if I wanted to. But wouldn’t you know that at the end of that year a few of us were talking and came up with an idea for a book. Well to anyone that knows, an idea for a book is far from a book. Lots of great ideas do not create a book. We left it alone for a few months until one day I realized how much I enjoyed talking and discussing things with my business partner Carlos. Out of our conversations came the idea to write a book about topics we thought were interesting and make them conversational – easily understandable and short to read. So we started. By September of this year we published our book on Amazon. When we got the final proof copy of the book it hit me that I was told I was going to write a book. Of course you know that I had completely forgotten about Jamie’s off-base prediction. I smiled – a big smile.

Flexible thinking...

In the last 3 years life has been about so many things that I never thought it would be. I have stepped so far out of my comfort zone in so many ways and, though I don’t always like it, I’m getting comfortable with not being comfortable. If you know what I mean. Constantly having to toss out old ideas and old absolutes because they are no longer useful. In every way I have had to learn to be flexible in my thinking. I did not want to write a book, could have cared less about writing a book but I wrote a book. Even though I never envisioned writing a book I did it and published it and people have bought it. How great is that? No one is more surprised than me. Jamie was right, I was wrong and I learned yet again that simply because I can’t see it doesn’t mean I can’t do it or something unexpected and cool can’t happen. Another great life lesson – the life of a newly minted “flexible thinker”.

Did I tell you I wrote a book 🙂 Influence Over Coffee by Carlos Sapene and Dana C. Arnett

Check it out on Amazon:

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