Facebook uses a special algorithm to evaluate whether an advertisement is likely to be clicked by people. The algorithm then selects ads based on how much people who click on them are willing to engage with a particular product or service. Facebook says that this targeting is necessary to “make sure ads reach people in a way that’s meaningful to them” and to prevent people from finding ads that look suspicious or “dislikeable.” Facebook is also working on developing more precise targeting in the future.

What’s more, Facebook says it’s also working to improve how people perceive the ads. Facebook is planning to incorporate the information it’s collecting to make better ads for people, with the hope that it’ll also be able to detect “emotions” and “intent” when people are viewing ads on its platform. Facebook’s goal is to make it easier to understand how an ad is perceived and thus make better ads, for both advertisers and the people who see them.

Leveraging your email lists

One of the big benefits of having a good email list is the ability to generate targeted leads, build a relationship with your subscribers and make a good deal of money with your marketing efforts. For this reason, it’s important to focus on building, growing, nurturing and maintaining your email marketing lists, especially as it pertains to online businesses.

While you can’t rely on Facebook alone to generate leads, you can use Facebook ads to your advantage to attract customers that are actively looking for information about your business. You can also use Facebook ads to build your email list, and in turn, keep it growing. Given the amount of information we’re bombarded with on the internet nowadays, and in particular ads, it’s hard to create the impression that ads used to. By ingesting your email marketing list into facebook, you’re able to ensure that your target repeat customers view your brand, not only when they read your newsletter but while they’re viewing their feed or stories on Facebook.

Even more, by ingesting your email list into Facebook, you’re able to leverage their AI and data to generate “lookalike lists”, which are lists of people who match behaviors related to your current list of clients and are therefore estimated to be a better match for your service or product business.

How do you use Facebook Ads with your email lists?

Facebook has a wide variety of ad formats. You can have different types of ads that appear on your page or page layout. You can use Facebook ads to:

  • Display advertising on the Facebook News Feed and/or stories of your existing customers.
  • Display advertising on the Facebook News Feed and/or Stories of customers matching your prospecting strategy.
  • Display advertising on the Facebook News Feed and/or Stories of customers who look alike your existing customers.
  • Send targeted messages to your audience through Messenger ads
  • Grow your email list by creating lead generating ads

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