Consumer online shopping is stronger than ever. Here’s what’s happening.

Any effective marketing campaign will take into account what consumers are doing, what they’re buying and why. Consumer trends are a constantly moving target, even more so when there’s a rapidly evolving global situation. Just within the past 6-8 weeks since the pandemic began sweeping across the globe, for example, consumers have made abrupt changes in their shopping and online habits, sending many marketers scrambling to reinterpret the data and adapt accordingly. Let’s take a look at three of the most current consumer trends happening right now that are shaping (or re-shaping) marketing strategies today.


1. Strong Shift to the Online Marketplace


E-commerce and mobile shopping apps were already taking a dominant role in the marketplace. Now, with much of the nation under stay-at-home orders, online shopping has taken even more of a leap forward. Companies with strong e-commerce, especially those selling products and services that can be used from home, have found themselves well-positioned during this time. If you haven’t made much effort to sell online before, now is the time to make that transition because, for many consumers, it’s literally their only shopping outlet and they are looking for what you have to sell.


2. Emotional Connection to Brands


Consumers today, especially Millennials, are looking for more than just a product or service—they’re looking for an experience, for engagement. For that reason, you want to find ways to help your audience make an emotional connection to your brand. In many ways, social media marketing provides the best solution because it centers almost completely around engagement, dialogue, and influence. Again, with more people spending time on social media when under quarantine orders, for example, the dynamic of this trend has been suddenly amplified. Brands that utilize social media to offer inspiration, education, and comfort during this time have the chance to build strong customer loyalty.


3. Social Responsibility


Today’s buyers, particularly younger generations, are partial to brands with a social conscience—who follow “green,” sustainable and/or fair-trade practices, who give back to the community and who support causes they believe in. They also gravitate toward the micro-economy, favoring local businesses and/or companies that source locally.  This trend is encouraging bigger brands to re-evaluate some of their practices and engage in more philanthropy. It should also encourage smaller, localized brands that there is an audience of consumers eager to support them—if they know how to connect with them.


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