Being part of a team, crafting out new strategies, creating something successful for a client together is an incredible feeling. What I love about Richard Branson’s quote is that he talks about weathering a storm (setback) by sharing knowledge. I feel like it’s old school to protect one’s knowledge, to live with a mindset of holding onto what you know because you don’t want anyone to….steal it, use it, be successful with it, compete against you etc. The world (at least the one I live in) seems to now embrace knowledge sharing and use it as a necessary resource. One big Mastermind group.

When I was in charge of a post production department, the only way to get shows on the air in time and on ever-tightening budgets was to help each other. I would hold weekly meetings where every series supervisor and coordinator talked about where they were and what resources they needed to make their deadlines. Someone would lend a Logger that wasn’t busy that night or an Assistant Editor who would finish their work early tomorrow. It was fantastic to watch them share resources and knowledge without competition. I loved those teams and always felt proud of them for helping one another. Cut to today and the value I experience in the business Mastermind group I am a part of.

We have a Zoom call every two weeks and share our wins, losses, gratitudes, revenue projections and Asks – asking each other for help or knowledge.

Our group is made up of 5 women from diverse backgrounds – event planning, corporate marketing, construction and interior design, copywriting, marketing and advertising – plus our business coach. Throwing something out there to the group and listening as each person shares their experiences and resources to move through an issue is truly an inspiring experience. Being a go-giver whenever we can makes all of us better and more successful. Six heads are better than one and it has changed my life and my thinking – why would I hold on to anything when I know I may have something that can help another? Mastermind groups are now a necessary part of my business life – a way to keep me AND my business healthy and growing.

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