5 Easy Digital Marketing Tactics

Any investment in digital marketing is boosted by using these methods to ensure that your existing audience is maximized to drive new consumers to your website.

1. PIXELING: Remarketing pixels let you track visitors to your website. Pixels are small snippets of code embedded into your site that will allow you to market to those visitors when they go to other sites and on social media.

2. EMAIL LISTS: Your email lists are not only beneficial for email marketing. You can ingest those lists into your advertising platform to market to the owners of those email addresses while they are scouring the web and social media.

3. LOOKALIKE LISTS: People who have the same interests as those who visit your website are 38% more probable to convert than randomly trying to find new people. Most marketing tools allow you to create lists of people that look similar to your customers. You can then market to them.

4. MAPPING YOUR CUSTOMERS: Make the most of your customer list. Tools like BatchGeo help you create a map that shows you the areas where your customers are located. That map can then be used to create a marketing fence around those areas to specifically target people from the same areas as your current customer base.

5. BUILD AUDIENCE SEGMENTS: Segment your audience into groups based on characteristics like personal interests, demos and locations, then craft content that delivers your message to those specific audiences. You’re catering to what they already care about and customized messaging can derive high dividends.

A little bit of homework can go a long way in the age of Big Data. Utilizing the information you already have available and capitalizing on it to grow your business is a smart and useful strategy.

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