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INFLUENCE OVER COFFEE – How to Gain It or Use It in Social Media

In our first book in the Over Coffee series, we wanted to explore the topic of ‘influencers’ and their impact on marketing and content strategy. Carlos and I (with our Venti cups of caffeine) sat down to assess the use of influence in traditional marketing and it’s evolution into the digital space. We wanted to examine the countless ways brands can use influencers to help their product and how making the wrong influencer selection can harm the overall message. We also wanted to define what makes an influencer and understand how and why influencers have influence.

From the people who think they can instantaneously become an influencer to the people who stumbled upon influencing millions by being themselves, we discuss the importance of authenticity in today’s culture and how to find your passion.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and let’s begin the conversation.

– Dana

To purchase a copy of our new book released September 8, 2016, go to Amazon.

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