Millennials represent about one-fifth of the U.S. population. A large age cohort with the purchasing power of $1.4 trillion, Millennials need to factor into your marketing strategy. And with nearly 50 percent of Millennials spending at least 10 hours per week online, the best way to reach this audience is with digital content.


Millennial Marketing Trends to Watch


To connect with Millennials over digital media, you should know which marketing trends to look out for when doing research. One of the biggest trends that will impact your digital content strategy is that Millennials are socially conscious. They will research a brand before buying and refuse to purchase if the brand’s values don’t align with their own.


Another trend that affects your digital content strategy is that Millennials lead the sharing economy. They’re much more likely to be swayed by recommendations, reviews, and influencer marketing than mass messaging.


Finally, consider that Millennials are a diverse group. This cohort stretches from people in their early twenties to married couples with kids. The products and messaging that appeal to a 22-year-old may not capture the attention of a 39-year-old.


How do you turn these marketing trends and insights into digital content that appeals to your Millennial audience?


What Type of Content Do Millennials Like?


Millennials don’t like the hard sell. They can be dismissive of sponsored content unless it directly meets their needs. They’re more likely to respond to content that is authentic, original, personal, or informative. Millennials also:

  • Like to research extensively before buying
  • Don’t like missing out
  • Use a variety of social media websites
  • Consume media on multiple devices
  • Prefer visual or interactive content


Digital content that informs and feels authentic is more likely in a blog post than a traditional ad. Establishing a presence on social media—specifically Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn—helps you engage with Millennials, build loyalty, and tap into the sharing economy. When you’re creating and publishing content geared for Millennials, always, always optimize it for both mobile and desktop.


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