As the number two search engine in the world, YouTube accumulates roughly 35 billion visits per month offering a huge concentration of built-in eyeballs. The only site with more monthly visitors is Google.

As an organization with a marketing budget, you can’t ignore YouTube as a host for your advertisements. And if you’re not going to ignore it, why not make the most of your YouTube-focused advertising budget?

We’ve distilled three crucial tips for unlocking the full potential of your YouTube marketing dollars.


1. Study YouTube’s advertiser guidelines 


Due diligence prevents your organization from wasting precious capital. In addition, by doing your due diligence on YouTube’s marketing rules and guidelines, you will avoid punitive measures that compromise your ad campaign.

YouTube reserves the right to remove or reject advertisements that:

● Have unclear messaging

● Do not serve a clear purpose (such as selling a specific product or service)

● Are submitted in an unsupported video format

● Contain explicit or “shocking” content

● Violate any other advertising guideline

To avoid rejection or removal of your ads, do your homework on Google’s marketing rules. Then, if you have any questions or concerns, present them directly to Google representatives. Doing so could spare you from migraines, wasted advertising dollars, and other avoidable hardships.


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2. Police your own videos (to the extent that you can)


YouTube and it’s parent company Google felt the heat from advertisers in 2019. The allegation: that YouTube failed to police ad placement on unsavory videos. 

While YouTube actively demonetizes videos that may paint advertisers in a poor light, they cannot catch all offenders. To the extent that you can, monitor the placement of your advertisements and report:

● Unwanted brand affiliations

● Ad placement on videos that are not relevant to your target audience

● Any other ad-related concerns

You spend good money on YouTube advertisements. Don’t settle or let your concerns go unheard. Nothing less than your brand’s reputation is at stake.


3. Know your target audience


Failing to target your advertisements is like fishing with a wooden pole. With targeted ads, you swap the pole for dynamite.

YouTube allows you to steer your ads towards target audiences based on:

● Age

● Interests

● Household income

● Gender

● Parental status

● Other relevant characteristics

Free services like YouTube gather troves of data about their users. As an advertiser, it’s your prerogative to take advantage of this demographic data. Whether you’re appealing to growth demos like millennials and Hispanics or an even more narrow category like college-age hiking enthusiasts, target your YouTube ads for best results. 

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