Modern digital marketing is all about connecting with your target audience. Based on your brand’s unique purpose, you can create tailored content. This content can help you connect with the people most likely to interact with your brand. 

 As time passes, target audiences for many brands are shifting to include a young and exciting new demographic—Gen Z. However, millennials currently make up the bulk of the workforce. They’re also (currently!) the most likely demographic to buy items online.

 If you’re a brand figuring out your multigenerational marketing strategy, how are you supposed to reach both generations and balance your efforts while still sounding like you


Wondering how to connect with millennials? 


Millennial consumers are conscious of their values, ready to connect on social media, and interested in a good story. To market to millennials, consider the following actions: 

• Emphasize an environmental or social consciousness across your branding—millennials want to associate with brands that share their values. 

• Millennials follow shares, reviews, and recommendations. Partnering up with influencers can pay off in spades for this segment of the market. 

• Millennials prefer authentic engagement and will exhibit brand loyalty if given a chance to interact with your audience personally and offer loyalty programs to build your relationship with your consumers. 


Wondering how to reach a younger audience? 


Marketing to Gen Z will require slightly different strategies. For example: 

• Focus on YouTube or social media influencers rather than celebrities.

• Prioritize extremely concise, snappy content. 

• Optimize your mobile content. 

• Emphasize your commitment to protecting your consumers’ private information. (Gen Z loves its privacy.) 

 While most Gen Z is slightly too young to qualify as a consumer, they’re the largest demographic in the United States. Keeping an eye on them for future trends will be vital for every savvy digital marketer. 


Why doesn’t anyone care about Gen X marketing trends? 


Gen X consumers tend to spend a lot of time in YouTube and Facebook comment sections and remain the best audience for traditional advertising. We suspect people care less about these trends because they target an increasingly smaller group of people and because many brands are shifting from traditional advertising. However, Gen X consumers are in the prime spending years of their lives. Offering loyalty programs and rewards may be a good idea to reach Gen X, which is fortunate, as millennials like these offerings as well. 

Wondering which trends to prioritize? As millennials are (right now!) the dominant consumers, they may represent the best focus for your investment—but that is changing. Depending on the nature of your offering, it may pay off to invest in Gen X or Gen Z marketing strategies at a qualified agency from time to time. 

 One thing’s for sure: If millennial and Gen Z marketing strategies are telling us anything, it’s that empathy, integrity, and authenticity in marketing are here to say. Focusing on transparent practices and authentic connections with your consumers will be worth your time for multigenerational marketing.  

Whether you’re interested in millennial marketing trends or you’re wondering what Gen Z’s up to these days, Wicked Bionic can help you reach your target market.

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