Virtual backgrounds, meticulously designed bookcases, children and partners trained to crawl across the room when necessary – the whole world has learned to adapt to working and learning from home, for better or for worse. But frankly, many people have had enough. So, how should a modern marketer reach a “Zoom-ed” out population?

Toss out what you knew about marketing pre-2020. The rules have all changed, and many of them continue to change with each passing day. If your strategy relied heavily on in-person interactions, you quickly learned to adapt to virtual last year. But in this new world – where everyone is much more comfortable interacting online, but plenty of people are itching to return to “normal” – what should your new strategy be?

  • Don’t focus on virtual. Yes, virtual interactions are here to stay. Many corporations learned to love remote work, and many individuals learned that video conferencing can play an important role in their lives. But that doesn’t mean that people will opt for virtual when in-person is an option. We’re moving into a hybrid world, where interactions are both online and in-person, and your strategy should recognize that. People are ready to jump back into living IRL. Your strategy should meet them there.
  • Virtual experiences need to be stellar. If you decide to do a virtual event, it needs to be short (under 20 minutes), optimized with great tech and production, and plussed-up with surprise-and-delight moments. Everyone has endured too many Zoom calls and webinars to tune in to an online event that doesn’t impress.
  • Be health-conscious. No, you do not need to go full Howie Mandel. (And you shouldn’t.) But the whole world knows more about virus transmission now. Your live events should factor in some of the past year’s lessons. Consider ways to allow extra space. Look for opportunities to be outdoors. Your guests will appreciate the extra breathing room.
  • Use social media strategically. Yes, social media marketing is still a great tool, but social burnout is real. Be strategic with how and where you spend your budget and your energy. Consider your target audience and where they’re likely to be scrolling – and don’t waste your time and money in places your audience doesn’t want to be.

Marketing in 2021 looks different than it did in 2020, or in 2019. The world has changed, and the rules have changed—and your strategies need to change, too. With some careful thought and planning, you can meet your market where they are, with a message they want to hear. Reach out to Wicked Bionic to help your business craft successful messaging.

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