I certainly don’t FEEL inspired every single day and all of those quotes every one of us sees across social media can be REALLY annoying when I’m not looking for a boost. When my 85% of the time positive attitude is experiencing my 15%, I don’t want to be reminded to accept all that is, refuse to accept less, find bravery in the darkness, seek the light, let go, hold on, believe in myself, don’t believe but trust, go with the flow, swim upstream and fight, climb the mountain, don’t push the rock up the hill. This makes me want to throw my phone, computer and tablet at that hill.

Spiritual direction when I am grouchy bugs the crap out of me.

Except then there’s the day when I wake up and it’s flipped. I want to tune in not tune out, turn on, find inspiration, motivate others and connect with all of it. What changed?

Oh right, me and my attitude.

In that vein, and to annoy today’s 15%’ers, my TOP 5 favorite messages that came over social this week:

  1. Turn fear into fuel
  2. To hell with circumstances; create opportunities.
  3. You are who you are because of where you were when.
  4. Our assumptions are windows on the world. We better keep them clear so we can see what’s outside.
  5. A person is mature when that person travels with money without spending it; works without supervision, and suffered an injustice without the need to get even.

If you don’t feel like ‘living in the light’ today, I’m sorry if this irks you – I completely understand. Read it again when you get back to normal.

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