Businesses today face a distinctive set of challenges when developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Using general market advertising, companies have taken something of a one-size-fits-all approach, creating a branding campaign with a single message hoping to reach enough people and convert them to customers.

Those days may soon be behind us. The one-dimensional general marketing approach is like casting a wide net into the ocean and hoping to catch whatever you can. But target marketing, specifically multicultural target marketing, is like fishing in a lake where you find a higher concentration of those that are like-minded.

Businesses are learning the advantages of segmented marketing—targeting smaller demographics within their target market with customized messaging. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why it’s vital to your bottom line to look at segmented marketing as an effective strategy.

97% of Consumers Disengage From Businesses That Send Mistargeted Messages 

We live in a multicultural world. America has always been a “melting pot,” but today, we are more diverse than ever. Each culture and ethnicity brings a particular worldview and values, and they will each respond to your message differently. If they can’t relate—they won’t respond. You’ll see a great improvement in your engagement by creating a highly tailored ad to your brand’s Hispanic demographic, and another suited to the African-American demographic, for example. If you have done your research and understand a group’s wants and needs, then speaking directly to them has far more power than attempting to attract potential customers with a single ad.

The Population Is More Segmented

The differences among people aren’t just cultural or ethnic. People of different generations respond differently than each other; so do people of different religions, backgrounds, genders, and even different neighborhoods. The more you can customize your message to the different identifiable segments within your target market, the more success you’ll have with your branding strategy.

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People Respond Better to Personalized Messages

Let’s be honest: The public is inundated with mass messaging today to the point of being annoyed, weary, or just plain numb. Consumers will tune out your Facebook ad or delete the email unless they hear or see something that speaks directly to them. Segmented marketing addresses this issue by learning about the specific needs, desires, and pain points of different segments in your market, then tailoring your messaging to speak to those issues.

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