Law firms of all sizes are the perfect place to express who you are and the services you offer. Making it personal builds trust and creates accessibility.

1. ‘What to Expect’ Articles

Publish a few articles that inform site visitors and potential clients what happens when they consult with your firm. Some of these include information that explains what they should bring to that first meeting with you and your staff, who they are going to be meeting with, and what they can expect during the meeting. By explaining what takes place during these initial meetings, you can alleviate some of the anxieties and fears potential clients, especially those who have never dealt with an attorney before and allow them to view the process with less trepidation. If you don’t like writing or don’t have the time, our agency can provide content writers.

2. Use Videos to Entertain

Videos are where it’s at in connecting and are a terrific way to market yourself and your firm. Many firms are NOT doing videos (yet) so it’s a fantastic time to jump in. Create videos for legal marketing with your mobile phone which follows you around the office, introducing people to some of the staff members and showing the different areas of the office where clients might go. If you prefer, you can have these videos done by professionals who can make sure that the lighting and sound match what you want your current and future clients to see. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to convey your authenticity. If you’re not sure how to do it contact our agency and can help to better understand law firm marketing.

3. ‘Meet the Staff’ Videos

You can also film quick biographies about the main members of your staff that you post on a page of your website’s staff information page or post on social media sites like Facebook. Have each staff member acknowledge the camera and tell a story about themselves or about working at your law firm. Sharing personal details allows site visitors to connect with your staff better, fostering a feeling of comfort and trust.

4. Open House

Hosting an open house is a great way to provide a fun atmosphere and build your law firm marketing. Open up your office as a way to connect with your community and neighbors. You can make it simple by serving light appetizers and soft drinks. Alternatively, you can hold it after-hours and make it more of a cocktail party for adults.

5. Informational Events

Another type of event you can hold at your office is informational seminars related to interesting legal topics and solutions that you may find boring or common knowledge, but your average person doesn’t know anything about. Pick material that is easily understood and that you can make entertaining while also being informational. You want to provide value to those who come by while, at the same time appearing authoritative enough to make guests want to choose you when they need legal services or share you with their friends and colleagues. Market this event online and offline in a way that will make people want to attend and walk away from the gathering with your business in mind.

Wicked Bionic can strategize with you on the various ways to stand out via legal marketing and attract your ideal clients.

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