Blasting your marketing message to as many people as possible used to be a tactic that was widely used but not always the best for smaller budgets. (The whole idea behind mass marketing is to cast a wide net and hopefully catch a few fish.) These days, however, the opposite is true. The more you can focus your message toward a specific segment of people, the more effective your marketing becomes, and the more return you get on your advertising investment. Think of it as fishing in a lake where you know the fish are rather than the ocean.


This marketing type is the underlying principle behind hyper-focused local marketing (sometimes shortened to hyperlocal marketing). By concentrating your efforts in specific local areas where your target audience lives, works or plays, you’ll speak more directly to the people who want and need your product or services, and you’ll generate more sales as a result.


Where localized marketing used to involve targeting a specific town or zip code, modern tools now allow marketers to get too detailed in their efforts, targeting specific streets, pinpointed locations, and even particular households, ethnic groups, and demographics. A successful hyper-focused local marketing strategy typically involves using multiple methods at the local level, including tactics like:


  • Optimizing your online presence to show up in localized web searches or “____ near me”
  • Conducting deep research to learn the habits and interests of your target market at the local level
  • Using technologies like geofencing and IP tracking to trigger strategic localized ads at the right times and places


This localized approach can go a long way toward getting you the results you’re looking for. Let’s look at four key advantages to adopting a hyper-focused local marketing strategy.


  1. Easier to Measure Results


When you limit your marketing campaign to specific people within a particular area, it’s easier to gauge the metrics and identify success—to see what worked, what didn’t work, and make tweaks and refinements. You can also perform A/B testing at this level by trying different ads in similar locations and compare their performance.


  1. Easier to Replicate Success


If your localized marketing approach works in one place, it will work in another. While even different neighborhoods in the same city may respond to different stimuli, the basic concepts of localized marketing will work in the same way. As you master the localized approach, you can scale your efforts to other local areas where you do business.


  1. Easier to Build Customer Loyalty


When you supplement your local targeting with locally relevant content (e.g., blogs, videos, and social media), you establish yourself as a local authority within your vertical. You also gain trust from your prospective customers because they believe you understand where they are coming from.


  1. Easier to Establish a Niche


By understanding your customers’ needs at the hyper-local level, you can easily position yourself as the only provider of that particular product/service in your area. Establishing yourself in a niche market can dramatically ramp up demand for what you offer since you’re the only place people can get it.


At Wicked Bionic, we know how to make hyper-focused local marketing work to your best advantage and get you the best returns on your investment. Talk to us to discuss creative options for integrating a more localized approach into your marketing plan.

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